Latest Project:


As the sound designer for this project by Amicable Animal, my role was the creation of audio assets for implementation in the game, matching the aesthetic of the visuals.  The aim was for synth-style sounds, distortion and musicality within the sound design of the game.

I worked with game developer Amicable Animal and composer Jamesy Downie on SOLAS 128.

UE4 + Wwise Project

Using the Paragon assets from the Unreal Marketplace, I built this "Sound Design Dungeon" using UE4 and Wwise.  Building this project involved creation of audio assets, writing Unreal Blueprints and setting up all audio triggers to work together with Wwise. 


You will notice footstep surface changes, set by raycast from the character, triggered by the Animation Blueprint, and mixed within Wwise.  I also included a low-pass filter controlled by a RTPC to indicate player health.  The fireball you will see within the project "damages" the player, which reduces their health.  The RTPC then sets the frequency of the Low-Pass Filter to create a "muffled" sound to indicate that the player is being harmed.  Unfortunately, my skills are not extensive enough to make this more visually obvious.