Thank you for taking the time to participate in this experiment.

In order to participate you will require a computer or laptop, a set of headphones and a smartphone, capable of downloading a free app. 


If you have any issues in completing the experiment, please contact me either via email ( or direct message me via Twitter (@whooshwizard).

Firstly, please download the following two documents:

Participant Information Sheet

Informed Consent Form

After reading and completing a digital signature on the Informed Consent Form, please email this back to me at

Before we begin the experiment, we will need to set your headphones to an appropriate volume, to ensure accurate results.  Please follow this 5 step process to calibrate your headphones:

  1. Please download the "Sound Meter" app on your mobile phone (available on Android and iOS). 

  2. Plug your headphones into your computer, and ensure the volume on your system is set to maximum.

  3. Open the calibration video on your computer by clicking here 

  4. Open Sound Meter using your phone and place your phone microphone (usually at the bottom of the device) against one of the drivers on your headphones.

  5. Adjust the volume using your computer's volume control (not the volume control on YouTube) until the average level is between 68 and 70 dB.  This will ensure the safety of your hearing.

Your headphones are now set to begin the experiment!

Please now open the Google Form survey on your phone. It can be found here. Record your answers using this form as you complete the experiment.

Finally, to open the experiment, click here. Use the arrow button in the bottom right corner to make the map fullscreen. 



**Note** There is no visual component to the experiment, it should present you with a blank screen when in fullscreen mode - this is as intended.

Sound Meter.png