I am the Sound Designer on SOLAS - a game by Amicable Animal.  The game is a puzzler, inspired by neon and synthwave.

My responsibilities on this project are creating the audio assets of the game.  I have been briefed to provide retro, synthy and somewhat distorted style effects. 


Music is composed by Jamesy Downie.

This is a level I designed in Unreal Engine 4 using Wwise for audio implementation.  The level used the freely released Paragon assets on the Unreal Marketplace.

Here is a more in-depth explanation of what I had set up within the level, and how I set things up in Wwise.


HJEM - I was the Sound Designer on this project for Amicable Animal, producing audio assets for the game.

Available at: https://amicableanimal.itch.io/hjem

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As well as composition work, I am also a working guitar player for wedding and function band "Michigan", as well as lead guitarist of classic rock band Slim Mistress. 

At the beginning of 2019 I took part in a "Charity EP Jam" with other Sound Designers and Composers in support of Able Gamers.  My track "Running by Streetlight" can be heard on the album, which is available on Bandcamp.


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